Crushing Capitalism with Dr. Asimakopoulos

ISSN: 2155-8086

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John Asimakopoulos

Advisory Board
William Armaline
Deric Shannon
Eva-Maria Swidler
Ali Shehzad Zaidi

Crushing Capitalism with Dr. Asimakopoulos is an interdisciplinary video e-journal.  It analyzes current events and scholarly topics such as imperialism, censorship, propaganda, political corruption, and corporate power.  The journal combines multiple theoretical perspectives including anarchism, Marxism, classical economics, Socialism, and the progressive Left in general.  Its purpose is to counter the dominant ideology of capitalism and expose the contradictions and inherent injustice of the system.  It seeks to inform of alternatives to capitalism, and means through which these can be implemented as with direct action, to promote economic, racial, ethnic, and gender equality, create democratic political structures, and resistance to all forms of injustice.


Vol. 2, 2011-12


The Bernanke Bubble

Growing inequality and the currency wars of 2011-12

Part 1: Lessons from the revolts of 2011

Part 2: Lessons from the revolts of 2011

Wild Capitalism & the Wizard of Fed


Vol. 1, 2010-11


The rich gut public higher education to control the masses

Social Movement Building Combining Marx and Bakunin

Minimum wage must be a living wage

Debtors: Revolt!

Undocumented workers: Arizona yes or no?

Updating Marx: Fictitious Capital- the new highest form of capitalism

Nationalize the (anti-working class) Ivy League into a free University System

U.S. and China: the new and improved Animal Farm

Institutionalized Philanthropy: the privatization of social programs

Property Taxes, the new segregation and educational discrimination

Debt Whores: the functions of debt and why it shouldn’t be transferable