VOLUME 13, NUMBER 2, April 30, 2020

Special Edition: Alternative Migrations Across the Arts
Guest Editors: Claudia Hoffmann and Paula Straile-Costa

Claudia Hoffmann with Paula Straile-Costa

I Want a Poem
Shukria Rezaei

The Border
Kane Smego

Anthropology and Art in State of Exception: The Evolution of an Exhibition
Amanda Krugliak and Richard Barnes

My Hazara People
Shukria Rezaei

Illegal, Not Wanted, Unnamed: Woody Guthrie’s Exploration of Media, Immigration, and Identity in “Plane Wreck At Los Gatos (Deportee)”
Edward A. Shannon

Art by Wunin Han

Hacking the Border: Undocumented Migration and Technologies of Resistance in Alex Rivera’s Sleep Dealer and Digital Media
Paula Straile-Costa

Interview with Eduardo Juarez Jr.
Claudia Hoffmann

Dreamers: Living Undocumented in Contemporary Young Adult Fiction
Amy Cummins

A Glass of Tea (after Rumi)
Shukria Rezaei

From Orientalism to Plurality in Contemporary Spanish Literature:
Exotic Imagery of Moroccan Immigrants in Háblame, musa, de aquel varón by Dulce Chacón and Cosmofobia by Lucía Etxebarria
Bronislava Greskovicova-Chang

Art by Murtaza Ali Jafari

Interview with Abbas Alaboudi
Claudia Hoffmann

I’ll Be Your First Mate: Art, Advocacy and the Assuming White “I”
Daniella Trimboli

Art by Emmanuel Asante

Lament for Syria
Amineh Abou Kerech

Art by Safdar Ahmed

Book Review: Damon West, The Change Agent: How a Former College QB Sentenced to Life in Prison Transformed His World. New York: Post Hill Press. 2019.  Free Content – Free Content
Reviewed by Lucy Tsado and Abiodun Raufu

Book Review: B. Garrick Harden (ed.), Imagined Borders/Lived Ambiguity: Intersections of Repression and Resistance. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books. 2019.  Free Content – Free Content
Reviewed by Gary L. Grizzle

Deconstructing Media Framing of the Waco Siege and Standoff on the 25th Anniversary  Free Content – Free Content
Stuart A. Wright