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John Asimakopoulos
Dr. John Asimakopoulos
Scholar-Activist, Organic Intellectual
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Dr. John Asimakopoulos is founding Executive Director of the scholar-activist Transformative Studies Institute (TSI) and works with a highly underprivileged student population at the City University of New York as an Full Professor of Sociology. He also edits Theory in Action, an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal. His work focuses on labor, globalization, and sociological theory. His publications include articles and books on the history of social movements and how they can inform a new global working class movement for the ushering of epochal change toward a just society. His works champion the formation of a counter ideology, independent working class media and educational institutions, and direct action toward this end. He is currently working with his colleagues at TSI to establish a new free, accredited, and progressive university operated by scholar-activists. John’s interest in the working-class stems from his parents who obtained only third grade educations. They worked as landless farmers in Greece and later as immigrant factory workers in the United States. Early on in life, John observed that his parents’ hard work was never rewarded pushing him to think of social justice. Ever since, he has dedicated his life to promoting equality and social justice for all peoples.

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The Graduate Center, City University of New York, Ph.D. in Sociology, 2000
Dissertation: Comparative Analysis of European and American Working Class Attainments
Dissertation Committee: Paul Attewell (advisor), Stanley Aronowitz, Lindsay Churchill (sitting in for Bogdan Denitch)

The Graduate Center, City University of New York, M.Phil., 1998

Rutgers, State University of New Jersey, M.A. in Political Science, 1994

Rutgers, State University of New Jersey, M.A. in Economics, 1993

Rutgers, State University of New Jersey, B.A. with High Honors in Economics and Sociology, 1992

32nd Highschool, Athens, Greece, 1989


City University of New York, New York, 2004 – present
Tenured Full Professor of Sociology, Department of Social Sciences

Transformative Studies Institute a NJ Nonprofit Educational Corporation, 2007 – present
Executive Director

Numerous New Jersey and New York Colleges and Universities, 1994 – 2004
Adjunct Professor


Theory in Action quarterly peer-reviewed; Print ISSN: 1937-0229, e-ISSN: 1937-0237, 2007 – present

Journal of Social Justice, peer-reviewed; e-ISSN: 2164-7100, 2011 – present

TSI Press, Co-Founder, 2010



Asimakopoulos, John. Forthcoming, 2022. Why the Oppressed Hate the Left.

Asimakopoulos, John . 2020. The Political Economy of the Spectacle and Postmodern Caste. Series: Studies in Critical Social Sciences. Leiden: Brill (Hardcover). Paperback edition published by Haymarket Books, 2021.

Asimakopoulos, John and Richard Gilman-Opalsky. 2018. Against Capital in the Twenty-First Century: A Reader of Radical Undercurrents. Temple University Press. Hardcover and paperback.

Asimakopoulos, John. 2014. Social Structures of Direct Democracy: On the political economy of equality. Series: Studies in Critical Social Sciences. Leiden, Netherlands: Brill (Hardcover). Paperback edition published by Haymarket Books, 2016.

Asimakopoulos, John, Deric Shannon, and Anthony J. Nocella. 2012. The Accumulation of Freedom. Oakland, CA: AK Press.
Asimakopoulos, John. 2011. Revolt! The Next Great Transformation from Kleptocracy Capitalism to Libertarian Socialism through Counter-Ideology, Societal Education, & Direct Action. NJ: Transformative Studies Institute Press.
Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

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Book Reviews

Castoriadis and Critical Theory: Crisis, Critique and Radical Alternatives by Christos Memos. Autumn 2015. Anarchist Studies, 23(2)

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