Fellowship Program

Since TSI operates as a ‘virtual organization,’ Fellows and Associates can participate in the fellowship from anywhere in the world. Our Fellows and Associates may be contacted by TSI to work on policy papers and projects, field research projects, consulting services, etc.  Fellows and Associates reserve the right to choose their work and research. The following requires a $100 USD tax deductible donation/processing fee for a one year term affiliation.  Scholars in good standing will be invited to renew their affiliation. Affiliation includes membership and online access to our interdisciplinary journal Theory in Action.

Affiliation Categories:  

Fellow – For individuals that have an earned Bachelor’s Degree
Senior Fellow – For individuals that have an earned Master’s Degree
Associate – For individuals that are ABD for their Ph.D.
Senior Associate – For individuals with an earned Ph.D.
To apply please download and fill out the form click here.

Why be Affiliated with TSI?

For Scholars/Activists Wishing To Pursue New Grants:

If you wish to pursue grants without institutional restraints and politics, you can do so as a TSI research Fellow or Associate.We recognize that the traditional hierarchical and elitist journals, colleges, and foundations often do not take adjuncts, non-tenure track professors, independent scholars, and those employed in the less prestigious academy or other organizations too seriously.  TSI however believes that there is a significant contribution to be made by all scholars regardless of one’s employment situation or affiliations.  This is why we offer legitimate scholars an opportunity to affiliate themselves with TSI as research Fellows and Associates.  Upon acceptance, you will be able to use your affiliation with us as your home institution.  We will provide you with support, institutional email, letterhead, and other materials.  Furthermore, since we do not require exclusive rights to your intellectual work, you are free to disseminate your research through any outlet.  Should you wish to have your work published by the TSI we will do so.  The TSI will require the customary 10% of the grant funds (commonly referred to as ‘indirect costs’) for the operation of the institute.  However, you retain full autonomy with TSI support.

For Scholars/Activists Wishing To Transfer Existing Grants:

You can transfer your existing grant to TSI (consult with the granter) to avoid institutional/university controls, bureaucracy, and limitations (e.g. how or what you can research), including political retaliation.  The TSI in return will require a customary fee (indirect costs) of 10% to support the operation of the institute but otherwise will grant you full autonomy and support.