The Transformative Studies Institute, founded in 2007, was created to provide an inclusive educational space for research and practice for social justice by academics, community organizers, activists, and political leaders.


No one is free unless we are all free’

We do not believe in: the privatization of societal resources or socially important goods and services e.g. education, health care, utilities, transportation, public infrastructure, military, housing, social services.

We do believe in:

  • Direct political and economic democracy
  • Prohibition of corporate involvement in any political process
  • News media as an independent public utility
  • Free and equal public education at all levels and the nationalization of private educational institutions
  • Equal treatment of all individuals and groups
  • The right to make one’s own reproductive decisions
  • Guaranteed housing
  • Universal single payer healthcare
  • Guaranteed family income
  • Sustainable development and renewable resources
  • Direct action for social justice

To achieve these goals we must make people aware of social facts. This requires a process of critical education to empower people with skills to question assumptions, beliefs, and values, as well as consider multiple viewpoints to foster social justice.


The Transformative Studies Institute (TSI), founded in 2007, is a fully-volunteer educational think tank managed and operated by a global team of scholar-activists, grassroots activists, and the concerned public. As a nonpartisan organization, none of the ideas presented by individuals across our programs and publications necessarily represent our institutional viewpoint, including the ideas and opinions of the founding executive director at his request. This is because we are a safe open space for informed dialogue to propose solutions promoting social justice without retaliations and reprisals.


Our goal is to establish a tuition-free  graduate school granting accredited Ph.D. and MA degrees to foster interdisciplinary research that will bridge theory with praxis and encourage community involvement to alleviate social problems and promote social justice.