Graduate School

Social injustice and inequality are on the rise, while political representation is diminishing for the bottom ninety-nine percent of society. The cause is the loss and delegitimization of progressive research to foster social justice movements. Major obstacles include elitist and corrupt government, reactionary institutions of higher education and public policy production, and the accumulation of telecommunications and media outlets by corporate conglomerates. True change begins with ideas that challenge elite ideology, intellectual production free of masters and unfiltered by media barons, and education that unmasks the exploitation, corruption, hypocrisy and violations of human rights that oligarchic media have hidden from view. To this end, we announce our endowment drive to counter the well-funded rightwing think tanks and corporatist universities that are eroding human rights. We seek no less than the transformation of social institutions to achieve direct political and economic democracy. If you share this vision please promote and contribute to help us establish a true institution of higher learning and social justice.

The TSI Graduate School is currently under development.  Please check back frequently for updates.