The interdisciplinary MA degree in Social Science is based on social justice principles and requires the completion of 36 credit hours, obtaining an average of B or better in the required core courses, meeting a foreign language requirement, completion of an apprenticeship, and writing and successfully defending a thesis.


The 36 credits include 15 credits in required courses with an average of B or better (Classical Theory, Contemporary Theory, Research Methods, Social Advocacy, and Principles and Application of Ecological Theory), and 21 credits in the student’s concentration.

Foreign Language

The student must demonstrate a reading knowledge of one foreign language to be chosen with the approval of the program director.

The apprenticeship

Students will work as an apprentice for 560 hours to be spread evenly throughout no less than one year.  Students select a mentor from the faculty under whose supervision they complete the apprenticeship.  In essence, students will be learning by doing alongside their mentor.


The student prepares a proposal under the supervision of a thesis advisor and two other faculty members. Upon the recommendation of the student’s committee, the student defends the completed thesis or project at an oral examination.