The graduate school selects applicants based on their undergraduate and graduate records, letters of recommendation, personal statements, demonstrated interest in scholar-activism, and Graduate Record Examination (GRE). All applicants must have an earned Bachelors degree from an accredited institution of higher learning.  Furthermore, at least 85% of that coursework must be based on traditional classroom instruction.  Online, distance, hybrid, etc. courses and/or degrees do not qualify for our admissions requirement.  In addition, the program requires applicants to submit a writing sample; this can be a research paper, a published work, or any other document that illustrates the applicant’s writing skills and analytical ability.

During every cohort, half of the admitted students must have median household income for themselves, their spouse, and both parents below the State median from where they originate for the past three years at minimum.  In other words, we seek what Antonio Gramsci termed Organic Intellectuals.

The Graduate school accepts a maximum of 6 transfer credits for the MA and 12 for the Ph.D. provided the courses were based on traditional classroom instruction and are comparable to those offered by our program.  Transfer credit will not apply toward the satisfaction of the core courses which must be taken at the graduate school.