• The pursuit of social justice and respect of diversity are the founding principles of TSI and as such are part of the curriculum.
  • Commitment to meaningful academic freedom.
  • Free education for all. Education is essential for a good standard of living, global citizenship, and human rights. Therefore, we are committed to providing free learning to the extent that our resources permit.
  • All faculty members have equal ranking and salary. As an egalitarian institution, there is no faculty ranking at TSI. Tenure can be attained after six years and is based on equally weighted effectiveness in teaching, research, and activism.
  • Faculty are the sole instructors eliminating the exploitative use of graduate students. If a graduate student is wanting and knowledgeable to teach a course they are paid equally to that of a faculty member and are listed as such.
  • We are committed to eliminating the abusive labor practice of employing adjuncts. To this end, graduate courses are taught only by full-time faculty members.
  • Academic programs and courses have a theory to practice component stressing community service and global responsibility.