TSI will establish an endowment with which to achieve the peaceful social, political, and economic transformation of society. We seek an egalitarian social structure beyond that currently achieved in progressive societies. To accomplish this goal we will use our funds in two phases. First, TSI will recruit accomplished progressive scholars as researchers. Their mission will be to collaborate with activists connecting theory with action. Each scholar will partner with grassroots activist organizations (environmental, economic, political, etc.) and collaborate on an action plan to attain a goal shared by and coordinated with TSI. The scholars will also be expected to work closely with the activists themselves and use their expertise to assist activists who must be regarded as equals in research.  The goal of this phase is to organize and unite like-minded activist organizations with the guidance of TSI scholars so as to create a new social movement for democratic reform. In phase two, TSI will establish an innovative university with telecommunication capabilities.  This new educational institution will crystallize and expand the effort to change society by recruiting and training a new generation of activists, scholars, and professionals free from the indoctrination prevalent at universities that function as a corporate and military annex.