Proposal Guidelines


If you have a manuscript idea that you think would complement our publishing program, we invite you to submit a proposal for consideration. Your proposal will need to be in four separate files and must include the following:

1. An introduction and overview of the project that explains how your work will fit into, and add to, current literature on the subject, and which makes clear the project’s central argument. Here too you should include information regarding anticipated length of your project, a sense of your ideal target demographic (who, where), the number or type of illustrations, if applicable, and a preliminary bibliography.

2. An annotated table of contents with roughly 400 words devoted to each chapter. For scholarly monographs and single-author nonfiction, these annotations must show how the chapters build cohesively on each other to support the argument. For a proposed essay collection, this segment should include an overview of the volume’s introduction, an annotation of each of the contributions, and a list of the contributors and their affiliations.

3. Two completed chapters.

4. A résumé/curriculum vitae and brief biography (up to 250 words) for all authors.


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