Journal of Social Justice

ISSN 2164-7100 (Electronic)

Current Issue: Volume 7, 2017

Environmental Conflict and the State in the Americas:
Towards a Hemispheric Dialogue on the Current Cunjuncture

Guest Editors
Gabriela Valdivia and Angus Lyall


Angie Carter and Ahna Kruzic
Centering the Commons, Creating Space for the Collective: Ecofeminist #NoDAPL Praxis in Iowa

Angus Lyall
Interview with Alexandra Almeida

Majerle Lister and Andrew Curley
The Little Colorado River Watershed Chapters Association and Kingsley Gardens: Moving the Navajo Nation toward Land-Based Governance

Angus Lyall
Interview with Elizabeth Evans

Patricia González Toro
Interview with Marta Aravena

Angus Lyall
Interview with Néstor Perdomo

Tarunika Anand
Book Review: Luke Winslow, Economic Injustice and the Rhetoric of the American Dream. Lexington Books, 2017. IBSN: 978-1-4985-4414-6 (Hardcover). 165 Pages. $90.00.

Alexa Pupillo
Book Review: Phoebe Godfrey and Denise Torres (Editors), Emergent Possibilities for Global Sustainability: Intersections of Race, Class, and Gender. Routledge, 2018. ISBN: 978-0815364566 (paperback). 350 pages. $49.95.