About Theory in Action

Theory in Action, founded in 2008,  is the leading fully-independent journal of critical thought. TIA is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal, whose scope ranges from the local to the global. Its aim is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and the discussion of current research (qualitative and quantitative) on the interconnections between theory and action aimed at promoting social justice broadly defined.

The journal does not privilege any particular theoretical tradition or approach. TIA publishes papers that connect academic scholarship with activism. TIA values radical and unconventional ideas, expressed in different styles, whether academic or journalistic.
TIA is interested in how theory can inform activism to promote economic equality and create democratic political structures. TIA seeks to promote racial, ethnic, and gender equality as well as resistance to all forms of injustice. TIA will only consider manuscripts that are well-written, innovative, and fit the Institute’s mission. Drafts and poorly written or formatted manuscripts will not be considered.
What we Accept
·         Submissions of original manuscripts
·         Qualitative, Quantitative, Theoretical, or Applied Research
·         Book reviews