Volume 11, Number 3, July 31, 2018

Special Edition
Trump and the 2016 Election
Guest Editor Devin T. Rafferty

Veblen’s Theory of Political Evolution and the Ultimatum Game:
A Radical Institutionalist Understanding of 2016 Presidential Election
Avraham Izhar Baranes

What Do the Democrats Need to be Relevant?
Devin T. Rafferty

The Escalation of Trump: Stormfront and the 2016 Election
Dianne Dentice

The Trump administration and the Neoliberal Project
Wesley C. Marshall

Inversion and Abolition: On the Upside-Down Logics of Wealth, Poverty, and Capital
Richard Gilman-Opalsky

Book Review: John Corbett, Vinyl Freak: Love Letters to a Dying Medium.
Durham: Duke University Press Books. ISBN: 978-0822363668 (Paperback).
264 Pages. $24.95. Free Content – Free Content
Reviewed by Andrew R. McIntosh

Book Review: Vanessa R. Panfil, The Gang’s All Queer: The Lives of Gay Gang Members.
New York: New York University Press, 2017. ISBN: 978-1-4798-7002-8 (Paperback).
312 Pages. $28.00.  Free Content – Free Content
Reviewed by Leah Ruiz and Mary K. Stohr

Book Review: Brandon L. Garrett, End of Its Rope: How Killing the Death Penalty
Can Revive Criminal Justice. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2017.
ISBN: 9780674970991 (Hardcover). 331 Pages. $29.95. Free Content – Free Content
Reviewed by James R. Acker