VOLUME 13, NUMBER 4, October 31, 2020

Special Edition: Mirrors and Labyrinths in Literature
Guest Editors: Rodica Grigore and Jay Corwin

In Loving Memory:
Dr. William Ormond Deaver, Jr.
Professor of Spanish, Georgia Southern University
1960 – 2019


Introduction: Mirrors, Labyrinths and Friends
Jay Corwin

In Memory of William Ormond Deaver, Jr.
Ali Shehzad Zaidi

Bierce, Bioy Casares, and Borges:The Mirrors and Labyrinths of Intertextuality
William Deaver

The Man Who Shot Ana Hatherly
Rui Zink

The Warring Brothers: Borges Reads Kafka and Flaubert
Daniel Balderston

Laberinto, monstruo, espejo. In speculo nulla est redemptio
(Labyrinth, Monster, Mirror. In speculo nulla est redemptio)
Rafael Ángel Herra

La fauna especular de Jorge Luis Borges
(The Specular Fauna of Jorge Luis Borges)
Fernando Valerio-Holguín

Espejos, contradicciones y paradojas en Los espejos comunicantes, de Óscar Hahn
(Mirrors, Contradictions and Paradoxes in Los espejos comunicantes, by Óscar Hahn)
Manuel Cortés Castañeda

Gabriel García Márquez, History and the Labyrinth of Literature
Rodica Grigore

The Symptomatic Narrative in Robbe-Grillet’s In the Labyrinth
Fevronia Novac

“Emma Zunz” in the Mirror and the Labyrinth
Jay Corwin

Borges and the Politics of Language in the 1920s
Christopher D. Warnes Pacheco

Book Review: Jack Levin and Julia B. Wiest, Premediated Murder: Why Some People Plan to Kill. 1st Edition. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield. 2018Free Content – Free Content
Reviewed by David A Blackmon

Book Review: A.S. Vitale, The End of Policing. New York: Verso. 2017Free Content – Free Content
Reviewed by Thomas Dutcher