Volume 4, Number 4, October 2011

Guest Editor: Nathan Jun
North American Anarchist Studies Network


Nathan Jun

Dana M. Williams and Jeff Shantz
Defining an Anarchist-Sociology: A Long Anticipated Marriage

Dennis Fox
Anarchism and Psychology

Madison Trusolino
The Emancipatory Struggle

Joey Todd
Triangulating Freedom, Power, and Education: Learning Webs, Subjectivity, and Resistance

CrimethInc. Workers’ Collective
Fighting in the New Terrain: What’s Changed since the 20th Century

Laura Greenwood
Goldman’s Nietzschean Anarchism: A Greimasian Reading of Minorities Versus Majorities

Dave McAllister
Book Review: Constructions of Neoliberal Reason by Jamie Peck. Oxford University Press, 2010. Pp. 304. $45 (Hardcover). ISBN: 978-0199580576

Emma Gaalaas Mullaney
Book Review: How Racism Takes Place by George Lipsitz. Temple University Press, 2011. Pp. 320. $26.95 (Paper). ISBN: 978-1439902561

Julie Cristol and T. L. Hill III
Book Review: Oppose and Propose! Lessons from Movement for New Society by Andrew Cornell. AK Press, 2011. Pp. 210. $12 (paperback). ISBN: 978-1849350662