Special Edition: Latin American Fiction
Guest Editor: Rodica Grigore

Introduction: Re-reading Latin American Fiction
Rodica Grigore

Del amor y otros demonios and the Aesthetic Trajectory of García Márquez
Jay Corwin

Vargas Llosa and the Poetics of Power
Alonso Cueto

The Time of the Hero and the Dream of the Celt:
A Case Study of Narrative Continuity in Mario Vargas Llosa
Roy C. Boland

A Discussion of Los cachorros (1967) by Mario Vargas Llosa as a Nouvelle or Short Novel:
Its Discourse and the Theme of Identity
José Cardona-López

“Personal Myth” in Ernesto Sábato’s Novels
Corin Braga

Bishops and Pins in Jorge Ibargüengoitia
Pedro Serrano

Alejo Carpentier, the Lost Steps. Art between Nature and Culture
Rodica Grigore

I the Supreme Writer of the Republic
Yo el Supremo Escritor de la República
Armando Romero

The Dimension “Time” in Two Hispanic Novelists (Alejo Carpentier y Manuel Vázquez-Bigi)
La dimensión “tiempo” en dos novelistas hispanos (Alejo Carpentier y Manuel Vázquez-Bigi)
Dan Munteanu Colán

Walking with Death. Two Short Stories by Óscar Collazos: The Sleeping Car and Somebody Is Knocking on the Door
De la mano de la muerte. Dos cuentos de Óscar Collazos: Soledad al final del coche cama y Alguien llama a mi puerta
Manuel Cortés Castañeda

Q and A with Author: Erich Goode, The Taming of New York’s Washington Square: A Wild Civility. New York University Press, 2018. Free Content – Free Content
Erich Goode Interviewed by Robert M. Worley

Book Review: Meštrović, Stjepan G., The Postemotional Bully. London: Sage Publications Ltd. 2015. Free Content – Free Content
Reviewed by B. Garrick Harden

Book Review: Snyder, Gregory J., Skateboarding LA: Inside Professional Street Skateboarding. New York: New York University Press. 2018. Free Content – Free Content
Reviewed by Tyler Dupont

Book Review: Herbert, Steve, Too Easy to Keep: Life-Sentenced Prisoners and the Future of Mass Incarceration. Oakland, California: University of California Press. 2019. Free Content – Free Content
Reviewed by Jessica L. Sullivan