Volume 2 Number 3 July 2009

Corey Dolgon


Kimberly Huisman


Jessica Lavariega Monforti


Deric Shannon


Maughn Gregory


Jay Corwin
Colin C. Williams


William O. Deaver, Jr.


Eric M. Buck
Book Review: Non-Places: An Introduction to Supermodernity, (2/e).   By Marc Augé.  Trans. by John Howe.  Verso, 2008. Pp. 122. $17.95 (paper). ISBN 978-1844673117


Mikaila Mariel Lemonik Arthur
Book Review:Against Schooling: For an Education that Matters. By Stanley Aronowitz.  Paradigm Publishers, 2008. Pp. 208. $24.95 (paper). ISBN 978-1594515033


David StrongBook Review: Twilight of the Machines. By John Zerzan. Feral House, 2008. Pp. 260. $12 (paper). ISBN 978-1932595314